Deloitte allows BTC payments in its canteen


While consulting firm PwC recently announced that it accepts Bitcoin payments, a new announcement from the Big Four has been made. Deloitte allows BTC payments… but only between its employees.

According to the Luxembourg Times, the audit giant’s employees will be able to pay for their lunch with Bitcoin (BTC) wallets on their mobile phones.

Why does Deloitte allow BTC payments between its employees?
Deloitte allows BTC payments, but the company does not plan to accept them from clients like PwC. The company simply wants to test the technology internally. It wants to see how it could use it.


“We think it’s good for our employees to evaluate this new technology,” said Laurent Collet, a partner in the firm’s consulting department.

Deloitte allows payments in BTC for one purpose. The priority for the company is to develop the use of blockchain in its various activities. This is particularly true for its fund management business.

Deloitte would like to be able to speed up the process of transferring funds and facilitate checks, while significantly reducing the number of intermediaries. “This is where we are currently focusing our attention. We want to be able to match this new technology with the needs of Luxembourg industry,” adds Laurent Collet.

Even if Deloitte allows BTC payments, employees may have to wait a while before they can have lunch
Micropayments are of little interest to Bitcoin users. Indeed, the leading cryptocurrency is often criticized for being far too slow for these small, everyday payments. In this case, Litecoin (LTC) is often preferred. Currently, the average confirmation time for a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction is 8.2 minutes.

So the reason Deloitte allows BTC payments is not to support micropayments or to test them internally and then offer them to its clients. The company wants to test blockchain technology to improve its transaction processing as a transparent ledger.

While some othercoins are shining, bitcoin (BTC) seems to be losing its luster
Bitcoin’s price is currently hovering around $10,215, according to Coinbase. While the price of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Ripple has risen sharply in recent days, Bitcoin has changed very little.

Currently on its 20-day moving average, with an RSI slightly below the neutral zone of 50, BTC prices are slightly in the green today after a week of losing ground.